Agile Coach Camp: Exhergizing

So it’s now roughly 24 hours since the circle was closed and after a good night’s sleep, I am physically recharged.  I was mentally recharged during the hole time…

Our Canadian friend Bryan Beecham (@billygarnet) tweeted out how he was simultaneously inspired, refueled and energized and Mike Bowler (@mike_bowler) tweeted out that he was exhausted.  I feel this way after just about every Agile Coach Camp, so I’ve coined a Boosism (think strategery but only better): Exhergized – the state of being simultaneously exhausted and reenergized at the same time – usually the exhaustion is physical and the reenergized is cognitive in nature, but I suppose they could be reversed.

I’ll be posting more about the Camp in the upcoming days, but thought I would get that tidbit out there…

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